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Fishery News


MFF met Vice President

Yangon, September 8 MFF personel met Vice President U Myint Swe on the meeting with federations under UMFCCI. The meeting was usual discussion with Vice President for the ninth time.

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MFF going on for the fresh water fish breeding

Yangon, September 8 Myanmar Fishery Federation is doing the demonstration hatchery for hatching the local’s favorite fish species. Such as eel, snakehead Murrel, Perch and hybrid cat fish .

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Fish farmers asked for more assistance on fish death

Yangon, March 30 Many fish farmers in Twantay, the top township on aquaculture in Yangon Region faced fish death during this month (March/April).

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Yangon started fisheries statistic and Data collection

Yangon, March 23 By the support of FAO, DOF started fisheries Statistic and Data collections in Yangon Region. It is the pilot project and the whole country will be on collection for 2 years (2017-2018)

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More than 60 Aqua Feed mills will need to meet the demand

Myanmar had over 220000 acres of fish farms and over 70 percent of the production cost of the fish was for the feed. To reduce the production cost, the feed must change to modern and scientific method produced pellet feed. Dr. Myint Swe, the Secretary of the Myanmar Aqua Feed Producers said in the Yangon Region Livestock and Fishery Development Forum.

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DOF will use pre-export verification system for export

After US rejected some containers of fishery products from Myanmar, Myanmar DOF said that they will use the Pre-export Verification System. “There are seven companies rejected.

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Myanmar Shrimp Association asked for government support

Neighboring countries which have same climate and water condition are success in shrimp farming though Myanmar’s shrimp farms are in trouble. So the Shrimp farmers asked for Union government to think about the support.

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Chinese Scientists Discover New Species of Catfish in Myanmar

During a survey of the freshwater fishes of the Mali Hka River drainage in the Hponkanrazi Wildlife Sanctuary, Myanmar, scientists Xiao-Yong Chen, Tao Qin and Zhi-Ying Chen, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), identified a new catfish species among the collected specimens.

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Japan- Myanmar JV Anguilla farming coming soon

Japan, Daiichi and Annawah Devi of Myanmar will soon set up a joint venture Anguilla farming that will invest total of one million USD.

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Myanmar fishery export hits 400m USD within 9 months

2016-2017 fiscal year, Myanmar fishery export hit over 400 million USD up to end of December stated by Department of Fishery.

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