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Livestock News


Cattle export approved starting from 9th October

Yangon, October 16 Ministry of Commerce announced the approval of live cattle export starting from October 9, 2017.

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More farmers’ shop at Yangon for poultry

Yangon, September 4 “We are giving assistance to open 16 farmers’ shop for poultry in Yangon’s suburb markets” said Dr. Kyaw Thu, Yangon Region Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department (LBVD).

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Yangon promoted more for eating poultry products

angon, August 26 Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar is now promoting to eat more on poultry products, meat and eggs.

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Livestock development forum outcome will push government policy on livestock

The first forum on the development of livestock sector development was finished with a bunch of outcomes that will push government policy.

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Yangon consumed 2 million eggs per day

Yangon, the largest city of Myanmar and main business city of the country consumed highest amount. Yangon city population is nearly 7.4 million and Yangon region consumed 2 million eggs per day said Dr. Kyaw Win, Chairman of Broiler Association.

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Yangon Region discussed on the development of Livestock and Fishery

The first gathering of the parliament of Yangon Region and the livestock and fishery sectors stake hold in the Myanmar Fishery Federation Building.

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Land ready to allow, if apply according to laws

Land Laws in Myanmar are very confused and it is one of the obstacles for the development of the livestock sector development. But Yangon Region Parliament is now ready to allow for the applicants who want to use land for the livestock farming purposes.

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Fruits, flowers and Vege will be add up to the National Export Strategy

“We are going to add up the fruits, flowers and vegetables to the National Export Strategy. Because the market potential is high and international accept our produce (fruits, flowers and vegetables)” said U Toe Aung Myint, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce.

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Presidential Office agreed to demolish MICA But need to wait for Union Governmnet for resolution

MPs urged for the transparency of Myanmar International Cooperation Agency (MICA) now reached to the end. The Presidential office agreed to demolish the agency which was established with 34 officials and 70 strong staff according to the meeting resolution 13/2014 of the Union Government on 3 July 2014.

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Mandalay hosted 5th Cattle Show

Mandalay, the land rich of livestock farms hosted cattle show for the 5th time along with Pet Show.

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