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More than 60 Aqua Feed mills will need to meet the demand

Yangon, February 28
    Myanmar had over 220000 acres of fish farms and over 70 percent of the production cost of the fish was for the feed. To reduce the production cost, the feed must change to modern and scientific method produced pellet feed. Dr. Myint Swe, the Secretary of the Myanmar Aqua Feed Producers said in the Yangon Region Livestock and Fishery Development Forum.
    “Only 15 percent of the fish farms used pellet feed. 20 percent use only bran, 25 percent use the mix of bran and oil cakes (sesame cake and groundnut cake) and the rest 35 percent use the locally abundant raw feed. Some raw feeds prices are fluctuated according to the season. That makes the feed price high and production cost jumped. To control the feed production cost is only by using the pelleted feed” he said.
    There are 27 pelleted feed mill m only 12 mills produce for aqua pelleted feed. For the 220000 acres of fish farms the feed demand will be 4793 tons per day. That is calculated based on the FCR 1.2 and production of 2000 Viss of fish per acre. The 12 mills produced only 936 tons of pelleted so Myanmar will need another 60 mills.
    The raw material for the feed price is higher and higher year by year and Myanmar has to import from outside.  But for the long term local agriculture by-products should be sufficient to get that need to negotiate with agriculture associations and clusters.