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Yangon consumed 2 million eggs per day

Yangon, February 28
    Yangon, the largest city of Myanmar and main business city of the country consumed highest amount. Yangon city population is nearly 7.4 million and Yangon region consumed 2 million eggs per day said Dr. Kyaw Win, Chairman of Broiler Association.
    Yangon Region  consumed 88.98 eggs/head/year and daily demand of 2 million. Duck eggs 48.5/head /year, daily demand is 1 million, poultry (broiler meat) 6.4 kg and other poultry (domestic chicken) 500000 viss per day. The association projected the demand will increase 20 percent for the chicken eggs, 5 percent for the duck eggs and poultry broiler meat will be 20 percent.
    The chicken egg production covered the local consumption (in the Yangon Region) but duck eggs coming in from nearby Ayeyarwady Region (600000) and Bago Region (300000) every day. Also the illegal import of 300000 duck eggs from Thailand daily. The association asked for the setup of modern and high yield eggs of ducks which need to import from the foreign country. The association asked also to find the way to control the imported illegal duck eggs.
    Local production of poultry meat depends on the production and import of Day old chicks (DOC). When the farm gate price of poultry reach 3000 ks. per viss, illegal imported live birds coming in and that leads to the   collapse of market and farmers suffered. The association is asking the government to stop the illegal import, to reduce the production cost by setting up closed house farms and processing plants and meat hygiene to the retail market.