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Nearly 80% dropped in seafood export during April

Yangon, May 5
Myanmar’s seafood export is dropped nearly 80 percent in April because of worldwide pandemic. Some buyers canceled and some postponed their offer because of less demand said U Win Kyaing, Secretary General of Myanmar Fishery Federation.
Myanmar got over 740 million USD from fishery and seafood in previous fiscal year (2018-2019) and over 3.5 million workforce are joining full time and part time in fishery sector known by Department of Fishery statistics. 
Also the local consumption of fishery and seafood dropped significantly because of Stay at Home and no more public festival and restaurant since the beginning of April to control the spread of COVID-19 in Myanmar.
Many landed fishing vessels decided not to go out to the fishing ground again in May because of less demand and because of not getting the good price which will lead them to loss in the business. Soon the closed season will start from June to August.
The fish processing factories faced less of demand form foreign buyers that lead them to close the factory temporarily and hoping to get the orders soon because of loosening the control from pandemic prevention. In Myanmar 123 fishery processing plants and cold storages, out of them 73 situated in Yangon. 
Myanmar Fishery Federation officials asked to get support from the government to get loans to withstand the crisis caused by the pandemic.