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MLF surveyed on the livestock farms due to COVID-19 pandemic

Yangon, May 5
Myanmar Livestock Federation launched an online survey in the last week of April. According to the results livestock farmers affected by the lower demand due to the stay at home program and economy crisis. The livestock produce (live birds and eggs) are stocked in the farms during the worst period of lock down in 3rd and 4th week of April. Many farmers got loss their capital and if it will go on they cannot stand for another 2 years, 93 percent of the farmers answered it. 
The livestock farmers want to solved some problems by the authorities such as to dissolve some rules of lock down and travel restriction which can slow the flow of the commodity and agri and livestock produce supply chain. Also they want to get the COVID-19 supportive loans from the Government like any others SMEs. But some of the rules to apply for loan are not in line with livestock farms.
Altogether 303 farmers around the nation answered the survey and mostly are poultry farmers of broilers and layers.